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18-Jan-2018 13:36

It comes pre-installed on both the i Phone and i Pad as well as i Mac computers. With both Skype and Google Hangouts also available on IOS, is there room for a third player in this crowded field of video chat clients?

UPDATE: We’ve updated our test results for both the i Phone and i Pad.

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Now, thanks to various free apps, even this capability has been upgraded as you can now make free phone calls from your phone even if you're abroad.

In Google's infinite wisdom, they didn't think so..I believe Google was spot on. Face Time makes the process of chatting with others in real-time video as simple as it gets. Duo strips away the complexity of using Hangouts and follows in the footsteps of Face Time.

Google Hangouts, on the other hand, has a layer of complexity the average user often struggles with. Now, Android users can enjoy video chat as quickly and easily as their Apple brethren.

Apple recommends at least 1Mbits of bandwidth for Facetime HD video calls.

Google's new communication apps might be surprising to some people, though it makes perfect sense..a grand scheme kinda way.However, many new snappers had trouble figuring out how to Facetime on Snapchat.