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30-Dec-2017 23:43

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One of those social dynamics I see recreated in the climbing world are the mixed messages I get as a woman rock climber.

One social dynamic tells me that as a heterosexual woman that men will find me attractive if I appear vulnerable and needing their protection or support (yes, I’m broadly generalizing to make a point).

Guys, if you want to stand out, screw your normal first date ideas.

Why they willingly stick themselves in dating scenarios that’ll drown them, I have no idea.

I’ve always been amazed at how social dynamics in the climbing world reflect and often exaggerate the rest of my world. We recreate social dynamics in every facet of our lives so climbing should be no different.

The funny thing is that I tend to overlook the dynamic when it’s happening outside of climbing, or maybe just accept it as status quo, and then look more closely at it when I see it repeated in my climbing life.

About Me: Hello, Just trying to get back into shape and decided to check this site out again. ----------------------------------Break---------------------------- Life has all of the answers, you just have to ask the right questions. About Me: I finished up my 6 Years in the Army in 2011. If I hotlist you, it means I'd like to get naked with you, all things considered.But no matter where you land in this great debate, most of us can agree that many of the qualities that make a great personal relationship also make a great climbing relationship.So whether you’re looking for a platonic climbing buddy, a “part-time lover, full-time belay” situation, or the perfect all-around person to clip into for life, these are qualities you should add to your checklist when searching for your climbing comrade. Both the good and the bad in climbing life can be hard for partners to endure.Cardona and Thorpe began their relationship climbing together at Elevation Rock Gym in Logan, Utah.

Cardona explained to Huffington Post, “Climbing is a huge part of me and Maddy's lives.

I see strong women rock climbers hooking up with male rock climbers all the time, so obviously some men find a strong female rock climber attractive.